Carved Wood Onlays

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Carved Wood Onlays and Appliques.

Carved wood onlays and Appliques are available at our Las Vegas showroom.

To purchase or just get pricing on any of our decorative carved wood items. Please call 702-739-9663 or customers can purchase these items right here on our online store at

At Superior Moulding of Nevada we offer a wide selection of decorative carved wood items in many species of wood. Like, Alder, Cherry, Red Oak, Maple and Rubberwood.

From Acanthus Leaf design in addition to Grape Leaf designs are available.

Superior Moulding of Nevada is a Family Operated business. This product is available in our Las Vegas Showroom. Either in stock or with quick special order lead times.

Decorative wood carvings are used to decorate a kitchen cabinet or woodworking project. A great way to add that decorative touch to your design.

carved wood onlays