Ceiling Medallions

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Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions are decorated with relief work. This can range from simple moulding rings to decorative leaf, filigree, and geometric designs and shapes.

Medallions are lightweight, made from a poly foam product which therefore install is much easier. Usually installed with a construction adhesive like Liquid Nails or similar product.

Typically use around a lighting fixture to add detail and design to your home.

Ceiling medallions are mouldings that are installed in the center of a ceiling, typically around a light fixture or ceiling fan.

Medallions may be circular, oval, or square, and are available in many sizes and in all types of patterns, from Baroque to Contemporary. And because today’s medallions are often made of poly foam, so they’re lighter and less expensive than the plaster or marble medallions of years past..

In addition to choosing a style, you’ll need to make sure the medallion is the right size for your space. One rule for estimating your medallion’s diameter is to divide your room’s area by seven. A 15-by-15 room is 225 square feet, so you’d need a medallion about 32 inches in diameter. This assumes a nine-foot ceiling, so if your ceiling is lower, you may want to go a little smaller.

Choose a medallion that’s either wider or narrower than the light fixture’s overall diameter—not the same width. And make sure the hole in the center of the medallion is the right size for your fixture’s canopy.

Ceiling Medallions